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Инструкция №517-IT – Вывод часов в панель уведомления на Terminal Server 2008

Posted by j3qx на Январь 23, 2013

Инструкция №517-IT – Вывод часов в панель уведомления на Terminal Server 2008

Q: How can I enable the clock in the Taskbar for all remote sessions?
Last modified: January 26, 2009

A: Before you go ahead and enable the clock, be sure to read this article, which explains why it might not be such a good idea after all:
186505 — Terminal Server Client Taskbar Clock Not Enabled

There’s a GPO setting:

User configuration — Administrative templates — Start Menu and Taskbar

"Remove Clock from the system notification area"

but disabling this setting will not force the clock to display in the system tray, it will only allow users to enable the clock if they have access to the system tray on the Terminal Server. And in most situations, they haven’t. To force the display of the clock in the taskbar, you will need to modify a setting in the registry.

Windows 2003

Start regedit and go to


You’ll see a "Settings" value, which contains something like this:

28 00 00 00 ff ff ff ff 02 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 6d 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 03 00 00 00 05 00 00 00 04 00 00

The nineth pair of digits determines the Taskbar properties. Possible values are:

Always on top = 0x02

Auto hide = 0x01

Show small icons in Start menu = 0x04

Hide clock = 0x08

Combine the properties you want and set the byte. For example:

Always on top + Show small icons + Show clock = 06

Always on top + Show small icons + Hide clock = 0e

Note that the changes do not take effect immediately, you have to restart Explorer, or logoff and logon again to see the changes.


If you want to set this for all users, you’ll have to export the registry key into a .reg file and import it into the user profile in a logon script. Start the logon script in your GPO to make sure that it runs (and imports the registry file) before Explorer is started.

Windows 2008
Thanks to Jaap Schram, who emailed me this tip

In stead of importing a .reg file with the above mentioned registry key, you can use Group Policy Preferences:

  1. Start the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) and go to User Configuration — Preferences — Windows Settings — Registry
  2. right-click — New — Registry Wizard — select Local Computer — select the registry key
  3. select the "Settings" value and enter the proper data, using the above mentioned values for the different properties of the taskbar
  4. click "Finish"
  5. select the "Settings" value — right-click — properties — Common tab
  6. select the option "Run in logged-on user’s security context (user policy option)"

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